Jet City Winery

Reclaiming historical space with an industrial twist

The largest urban winery on the west coast hosts regular wine tasting tours at its location in the heart of Seattle, with views of Mount Rainier and Boeing airfield. The front door is made from steel and extends the height of the building, formerly a Dr. Pepper facility, now capable of producing 45,000 cases of wine annually.


Olsen Kundig Architects developed a stellar interior experience on par with upscale industrial vibes. We helped Foushee Construction realize the vision of the architects and owner by creating an experience that brought together specialty wine, the grandeur of Mt. Rainer, and the history of one of Seattle’s innovative industrial parks to express the Charles Smith Wines brand.


After walking through the big doors, visitors sample wine at a thirty-foot-long bar with stacked end-grain wood from the building's original lumber or at a smooth, turquoise blue acrylic wine tasting bars. Custom wine racks showcase the wine. Thirty feet of meticulously built rotating steel walls continue the industrial narrative of the space. The multifaceted personality of Seattle is even built into the details with custom features like the hot-rolled steel trough sinks. From big doors to custom sinks, everything is built to fit the quality of the wine served at Jet City Winery.


Wine tour attendees claim the tasting room at Jet City Winery is “beautiful and simple.



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4501 W Marginal Way SW 

Seattle, WA 98106

M–F,  8 a.m.–4 p.m.