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Corporate Headquarters

Making the Starbucks experience in Seattle

Starbucks creates the “third place,” the place where people frequently go to hangout outside of work and home. They have created this third place in beautiful retail environments across the globe seeking to nourish human well-being, while integrating with local culture. As they put it, their mission is “…to inspire and nurture the human spirit — one person, one cup, and one neighborhood at a time.”


Partnering with Lease Crutcher Lewis and NBBJ, Creoworks took part in creating the environment that expresses the warmth at the heart of Starbucks corporate office in Seattle. Throughout the three levels of the building Creoworks fashioned multimedia feature walls and custom design elements built to evoke the multidimensional qualities of the brand and, of course, the essence of craft coffee. Using burlap, rope, hot rolled steel, and walnut, we worked hand-in-hand with designers to design, build, and install rope screens, shelving, light sconces, whiteboards, and trellis fixtures.

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