Reclaimed tropical hardwood from torn down homes in Brazil. Solid, 100% reclaimed hardwood lumber, naturally weathered by the elements. Works great for designer paneling, accent walls, barn doors, wainscoting, ceiling treatments, butcher blocks, and any other DIY project you can think of. This wood can be applied indoors and outdoors!


$3.50 / sq.ft. (minimum order of 300 sq.ft.)


Various species of Brazilian wood include:
1. Imbuia (dark black)
2. Canela Preta and Canela Imbuia (black and brown)
3. Canela Amarela and Canela Ioura (yellow)

Paint colors vary as per photos and is completely lead free.

8-10 ft lengths
6-12" width
7/8-1" thickness


Delivery available on per order basis.

Brazilian Reclaimed Hardwood